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Mamma Mia!
Begins May 17, 2001

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The story of the Tony Award winning musical Parade is true, centering on the 1913 "Trial of the Century" in which Leo Frank, a Brooklyn-born Jew living in Atlanta, was falsely accused of killing Mary Phagan, a young girl working in the factory he managed. Leo was railroaded through a trial, found guilty and sentenced to hang. Only his new wife, Lucille, believed his innocence and launched a heroic campaign to save his life.

Leo and Lucille Frank

Intensely moving, Parade is a bold look at justice and the power of a public who cried out over a little girl's death, stirred up by political opportunists and a rabid press. At the center of this tragic tale is the heartbreaking love story of Leo and Lucille Frank, two formal and restrained spouses who discover a deep passion for each other they had not previously known.

Parade opens in 1862 in a field in Marietta, Georgia. A young, handsome Confederate soldier is preparing to go off to fight in the Civil War and he sings a soaring love song to the woman he is leaving behind and the town he is proud to fight for. Fifty one years later he is being honored during the festivities of the Confederate Memorial Day parade. The old Confederate soldier has a pegleg, is worn and weather beaten, and he sings about the land that he almost gave his life for. He swears he would do it again - fight for Marietta, fight for Georgia and the old red hills of home! This is the world of Parade; a land that is still celebrating a lost war, a people still declaring their independence from the country they are now forced to be a part of, and generations of Southerners still regretful and angry when confronted with the possible loss of their purely Southern identity, particularly when taken from them by an infiltrating Northerner.


Tony Award winner for Best Book and Best Score, Parade is a true and profound story, a striking new musical that illuminates a real American tragedy with genuine artistry.

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Ticket prices are $30.50 - $73.50, and will be available May 12, 2000. Tickets may be ordered through Ticketmaster, or see Cadillac Palace Ticketing for more options.

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