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Qualified, friendly and outgoing individuals are always needed to perform the duties of part-time ushers. These paid positions require the ability to work evenings and/or weekends, as well as some holidays. All candidates must be customer service oriented, and available to work at least two shifts per week -- including at least one during the weekend.
Volunteer ushers are also needed at the Cadillac Palace. Volunteers are expected to work at least one show per month.


All ushers are required to attend a two-hour non-paid orientation session as periodically scheduled by theatre management.

Uniform Requirements

All ushers are required to supply the following uniforms:

  • Solid black jacket (blazer, sports coat or dress suit type) with lapels.
  • Solid black pants, slacks, or skirt
  • Solid, long-sleeve white tuxedo-style dress shirt with collar. Ruffled or collar-less shirts are not acceptable. Short sleeves are acceptable because jackets will be worn.
  • Solid black tuxedo-type bow tie.
  • Solid black dress shoes for all ushers. Solid black athletic shoes may also be worn. Athletic shoes may not have white or reflective trim or lights.
  • Solid black socks, or sheer or opaque black hosiery. White, colored or nude socks or hosiery are not acceptable.
  • Solid black or white "v-neck" sweater vest or other fitted long-sleeved sweater. This vest or sweater may be worn with (but not instead of) the black uniform jacket. The vest or sweater is not to be worn on the outside of the black uniform jacket. Fabric vests are not allowed.

Contact Us

If you would like to become a part-time or volunteer usher at the Cadillac Palace, please contact us:

  • Usher Hotline: (312) 384-1513
  • Email:
  • US Mail:
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